Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Day

Some day not far from this day,
do get yourself out of the hum drum of life today,
peek a look into the life of those days passed
days passed a few days away.
Steal them out of your memory lanes,
those lazy moments,there idyllic way.

When sun beams never used to stung
& sweat made you fired
rather than making you tired.
when daisies grew & winds sung.

To get wet,
in the rains & being afraid of falling ill
was the prerogative of just Ma.
For us it was
always to make our paper boat go
as far away.
That paper boat
& its right & left sways
so close they seem to our nowadays ,
so like our life's ways

To look through that wavy paper boat ,
How unwavering was life then,
Tears for nothing & little white lies
how innocently true were they.

May be we'll live those lazy moments once more
when we are lazy enough to be worthy of them
lets face life again,lets make those lazy ways our way,
lets make our liven once more a gem.


angel from heaven said...

Nice poem I used to love sneaking out in the rain when I was a kid and get throughly drenched!!!My mom used to scold me so much for doing this.

anshu said...

i m shocked
but with joy
u wrote better than expectation.............