Wednesday, May 27, 2009


After a while the pain allays,
& what remains is bitterness.
After a while the failure
is not so glaringly visible ,
neither does it snips so much
nor it malaise.
It just remains a bruise ,
which time would heal
in times due course.

After a while
its just the process that is left
of trying in desperation,
fighting in wane.
The outcomes just do not excite enough,
no feelings out pores.
The world then does not revolve for you anymore
things do not transpire,
they stay in their place
no change ,no wants ,no wishes ,no desire.

But never stop trying
even after many whiles pass,
still run for still dream
of that one moment that one chance
when things will turn your way,
when the sun will shine again
& may be your heart would leap with joy
perhaps all those whiles
of pain of angst of wounds
will seem after all worth the while,
not mountains,they would look just mounds.


Reena R said...

Awesome One Raj!

nups said...

hey Raj
this is my first visit to ur blog... beautiful i must say ... n inspiring... somethng i kinda needed to hear right nw :)

aditi said...

why u put labels as failure , pain , luck ,...u should put success, opportunity & chance...
good one dear.

aditi said...

why u wrote in labels as failure, luck, pain....u should have written chance, success & opportunity...
good on dear...