Saturday, May 30, 2009

Her Beauty

There are days when you can look into her face,
the way beauty it radiates.
Sparkling as if the most dazzling of gems,so powerful are thy eye,
in them possessing abilities to make you in a moment cry,laugh & sigh.

& when her lips quiver & she laughs
a hundred daffodils bloom.
you can feel your heart shrinking,
can make you weak or a kiddish chaff get you feel murking.

But stories other days ,does not follow the same path,
As she isn't then like me & you,
no matter how beautiful, how elegant,how true.
You may not realize what strikes so odd,
she is one of those child,children of lesser GOD.

You'll catch her bumbling,a little stumbling,
queerly inimical,drabbingly skeptic.
but someday's she laughs , laughs her heart out & may be,
just may be you won't notice how she is autistic.

1 comment:

Adisha said...

Such a beautifully touching poem. A perfect dedication to those who cannot describe in their own words ... sometimes the outside doesn't equate to what is inside !!