Friday, April 24, 2009

Shun Me...

Shun me,for my transgress is humanity,
I cannot be liven where they are not equaled.
not by what books they follow ,what colours their skin.
respect is their patrimony ,they are akin.

Banish me,to espouse my Rationale,abide by my principals,
since never will I be a coward who dodges
every hassle he is set to,
by changing his ideals & gets through.

Bar me when they want to do injustice ,
as I will always stand against it.
I won't be an allies
in their deeds of perfidies or malice.

Ostracize me or obliterate me,your will.
For You are my only ruler,Divine.
& I cannot hymn or plea
for anybody,anyone but Thee.


Adisha said...

Such a moral stand !! Well put and thoroughly appreciated .. :)


C R D said...

lovely poem dude.

Always stand by ur principles. Eventually even your detractors will respect you if u are firm


Rituparna said...