Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's loony to smile without a cause

Have you ever looked through my eyes
at those evenings we had spent together,
they had a tinge of orange,
just like the scarf you had,
evening winds they touched you so elegantly
then they came to me
& talked of things long gone,
when I used to hear them,
I simply grinned,
& You said " It's loony to smile without a cause ."
Didn't they talked to you,like me.?

How many moons have we seen together?
& have flickered & stopped countless stars.
Those moons,stars there pictures,
weren't they like the gown you always wore?
Cold chilly winds made your lips quiver,
I felt like embracing you into my arms.
but then thinking of all this made me smile,smile at me.
& You said " It's loony to smile without a cause ."
Never did you saw my wavering speech,Wasn't it audible enough?

Today all those memories came to me again,they usually come.
I don't even remember,how many years have gone since those winds flew.
Decades have been & I haven't seen your quivering lips.
but memories they are memories,
They visit every evening,each night to accompany me.
Never do they allow me to be recluse.
So that I could grin again smile once more
To make you say,"It's loony to smile without a cause ."

So that I can quieten again,
like always,may be forever...


The Vitruvian Boy said...

lovely post...


keep it up... :)

nidhinsam said...

really hurting... when true love is not ending in a happy life.... :( it was depicted very well in your post...

megha said...

kya bolun.. bhot achchi h.. gud work.. true n touching..

keep writing.. :)

JAYEETA said...

another master piece from u ....