Saturday, April 25, 2009

Had I Been Your Love...

Had I been your lover,
every moment of mine
would have been coloured by the hues of your smile.
Those nights when I dream of you
& those mornings when I hope of you to come true
when I fumble with my hands
for thy palms clasping mine
...palms those non existing palms.
those hands would have been caressing you,
cherishing every touch that you would have threw my way.
Had I been your lover they would not have been missing you.

Had I been your lover,
I would have been more of a human,
because my tears which snatch away my sanity
would have been cleansing me to make me your worthy breaths as they are now
would have been far warmer in your embrace,
when I would have been able to feel your aroma around me.
when I could look at your face.

But You are not mine,
neither will it ever happen that way,
& all my dreams would be trampled hopes would be tarnished,nothing would go my way.
Oh! the anguish to see you with else
thinking of you waking up
all mornings with somebody beside you.
The thoughts make me palpate with emotions
rather good for bru'te.

Had I been the one you love,
the story of us would have been made of
those perfect crimson tales
...tales where everything ends with felicity.
but then happiness as I have found comes with a lot of price,
pain keeps us sane,it keeps us nice


gargi said...

a big romantic aren't you?
sum really cool stuff u've got goin on here!

JAYEETA said...

too very romantic n equally touching....