Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't You Think....

Don't you think
Am lost since you went,
My days are same,
my nights are fine.
Holding onto happiness
Is still an avocation of mine.

Don't you think
Its you I beshrew,
Dear I never utter your name.
secretly holding it in my palms,
drawing it in my heart,
caressing it, Its my lost self I claim.

Don't you think
I am unaware of seasons since then,
I am,may be more.
But I choose not to reply,
their calls.
when they squall and thud at my door.

Don't you think
I'll fade & vanish then,
Will rise again,I'll imbue.
Absolved and stroked by my tears
I would cease to think of you,
to miss, to love you.


nesayem said...

You have captured the essence of that deep sadness that is too difficult to share. The one that we keep deep inside ourselves. Bravo!

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Sounds like an Anjan Dutt know, the old songs he used to sing in 1994 and around that time, mainly.
Beautiful poem, with wonderful rhyming scheme.

gurleen said...

Seasons squall me,thud at my door,impishingly they play games
but I just choose not to respond,at their holler

I would cease to think of you,to miss to love you....

touching one ...loved it dude , to match to the clause namesty london had a song ..kahene ko sath apne 1 duniya chalti hai par chupke is dil main tanhaiye palti hai ..

Adisha said...

Beautiful !! the loss and the sadness ... urrrgggh !!



E!$|-|@L said...

very well done...a lovely touching poem...
keep up the good work :)
happy blogging!



While reading this peom, my imagination was flowing freely and yeah blast from the past happened too for am a very bad at analysing and understanding poetry... Poems r tough to write but this one is a real good one.. :)As there's scope for improvement in everything, same goes for ur poem. keep writing and keep improving.. :) Cheers!!