Sunday, April 19, 2009


" Black" & the man who was attending him gave him a sheepish look,was he grinning too he could not fathom.He could though not get much time to ponder at it.As the attendant came back almost as quickly as he had left,with the desired tie.

He liked the tie, as his wife had said, should conform to the occasion & it was absolutely conforming to every notion of civilization man may have had.It had streaks,it was proper & it was black.

When he came back home.His wife had the same level of enthusiasm intact as she possessed when he had went.She was happy because her husband was finally getting a promotion in his firm & with it potentially an uplift in their social bourgeois status.It made her happy.He could hear her sing, even when he was in the shower.It made him simper.

Why wasn't he happy himself.He cogitated.He was getting something he had desired for long.Then promotion
was companioned with a pay hike.Providing them with things they could now have under the list of affordable commodities.With all these things percipient in his mind,he tried to be happy but the more he wanted to smile, the more it refused to come to his face.

He was out of his bath now, but wasn't out of those thoughts.Thoughts of him not being happy, perhaps what he had heard in his office was not truth,perhaps the janitors were talking about someone else.But he knew it was the truth,it was him.

He remembered being happy when he first got the news of him being senior officer in-charge.While he was leaving the office he had to pick a file from the shelves.

He then heard two janitors in the next room talking, "So from tomorrow your boss will be a nigger" then the other said in a slow cabalish tone " Weird man! now a negroid would be Boss & we the subordinates" Then they laughed,it felt to him that they were laughing at everything he ever thought he ever achieved.Was it about him being black or him being a better more qualified human,that he was here.

Since then he could see things through a completely different perspective, he saw a couple in the drive way,the women holding her husband tighter when she saw him in the drive way, he had never seen her.But somehow she felt that he was a threat.He saw another man look at him deep & hard a few blocks away the man looked at him then his hands as if saying,"Thank GOD I am clean.I am white."

Recollecting all those times when it had happened & he refused to acknowledge the happenings,the times he had heard the word "Nigger" resonate around him & he not looking that way.

Why was it aching now then? Why this anguish suddenly? May be now as he was being snatched away from all he had accomplished just because he was coloured.They thought it strange that he can reach any height because he was not like them.

"Daduu" He heard & it ramparted his thoughts.He looked at his,year old kid who strangely was not looking at him but at his photo which was framed.The kid was incessantly looking at the picture.For him his Daduu was beautiful, for him he was brave,for him he was his hero.

The kid managed to do , what everything else failed, his son made him smile,smile with a new faith a new power.

" Ladies & Gentlemen, Please applaud for our new senior office in-charge." Boss said, employees obeyed amidst the loud claps, the Boss continued" People, it is a great privilege for me to also announce him as the first coloured man to be able to achieve such feat.In the whole state."

He rose with a wide smile , he could look at those two janitors in the last row he said," Sir, Thank you for the honour.Though just a request please in place of calling me a coloured refer to me as a nigger or a black.I like it that way...."


Dame said...

What can I say? It's a complicated issue...But I like how you handle it nicely. Good language too. Can you try and use simpler words? Not that people wont understand, but there's no need for such big words, don't you think? Just a suggestion.

komal said...

well written and a profoundly meaningful blog...good use of words...

Sumit said...

poignant!! well poised... good job!!

cutestangel said...

super post I really liked the way you narrated it and the language you used.May I suggest you readthe book to kill a mocking bird its a great book I am sure you will love it.

Asha Tampa said...

Wow! Its a touching post! And as Cutestangel wrote, you really should read To Kill a Mocking Bird... It moved me to no end.

El Furibundo said...

Nice post. I like prose better! unless, of course, it's Poe. :)