Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"The food is nice."a man spoke,in such a refined tone that it would have made most connoisseurs think.Yes, there was food gamut of it & words raving the fine taste of different cuisines were being imbued in the air,may be they were the most important ingredient enhancing the aroma of food.Filling every nostril with that svelte sense of hunger, when you know that you are going to eat like a mammoth but in a very subtle,gentlemanly way.

They all were esteemed men & were gathered there for a very noble cause.It was to be a fund raising ceremony for the destitute, for people below a certain poverty line.They were about to donate money for that cause,big money for small people.

Sometimes charity can be a better healer than any addiction because for moments or may be more it can genuinely make you feel good.No matter how you earned the money.

They were there to experience this heady experience hence the festivity was strictly non alcoholic.

He saw his kids both aged around 4-5, they were famished, possibly more.After all at such a tender age nobody can learn to control these basic human urges.They only had water for the last two days.

Why do we ever need to manipulate such feelings of hunger or of feeling cold & if we have to then why wretched like us are ever given such senses.

Then he laughed at his own thought process they were not meant to be so wretched it was not devised it just happened.That some of them went up in the social strata & some were left lurching down.

He could see fulgurant lights from his house at that hotel,the torn thatched roofed shelter was in a stark contrast to all that glitterati visible there,he heard in the morning,that they were having some sort of "Help the poors" ceremony rather charity. He knew that he would surely get something out there.

"From where is that,sound emanating?"The same man asked,who earlier had annotated on the food.

Another of the eminent guest spoke "Nothing much,the watchmen's have caught hold of a thief,he was trying to steal something."

"Bloody,idiots, don't they have any morals left in the society,trying to steal from a fund raising ceremony.What would he get here anyhow?" The distinguished man asked,to no one in particular.He was deeply anguished by this episode.

Afterall they were here for such a sanctimonious event & that was being bemired by a bemiring beast,who obviously was not worth calling a human.He was sad.

"I am not a thief" he screamed.

He yelped for help,but those men they kept on pounding him.He could see the guests looking at him through the windows.He wanted to tell them that he was not some stealer,he was here for help not treachery.But he could see there faces they were staring at him in such a way,the way a man from a reputed family looks at a cyprian,was it that bad to be a poor man? They had left him now,on his own he was bleedingprofusely.

What was my fault he thought I just wanted to enter the place & ask for charity my children haven't had anything for the last two days.Isn't it about helping the piteous?

"I would like to ask for a roaring round of applause for the highest collector of charity for today's event,gentlemen a big round of applause" the speaker said,

The same man rose again,who earlier was grief stricken with the activity of that thief.So, he stood & said " Thank you, Thank You everybody,Actually its all about helping the piteous."

& outside the window in the ground a man was still trying to get up,get up from the mud created by the dirt & blood around.


Pretty Me!! said...

well writen ...

Adisha said...

wow !! such hypocrisy ...

well written raj!


nesayem said...

Truth in the eyes of man .. good one Raj!

Sumit said...

hypocrisy well portrayed... sadly, we all have been guilty of it at some point or the other, whether or not we have been aware is a different story.