Friday, March 13, 2009

You never knew

You went past,brushing lightly the wind around.
I saw you till you became a dot Walking the road,till I could hear that foot tapping sound
Then the next day,you were there in the bus stop, me I was last one in that line,
trying to hide behind the crowd & see those eyes
darting past every form visible.
I was always there somewhere near you,you never knew,did you?

I was in your college too,that's actually where I first saw you.
but then I was never much noticeable was I ?
& you were every where,you were known,you were celebrated.
I was always a little nameless, bit more obscure
looking at you from the farthest bench in the class.
I was always there somewhere near you,you never knew,did you?

Once I did try confront you,but obviously could never do.
You were always too beautiful & too busy.
Then days turned into months,months in years.
I was always in your class, loving you despite my jitters.
My love never reached you,but my notes did,the name at the top of the pages were they ever viewed.
I saw you write out of my pages,but whose pages were they you never knew.

Its Been years to those memories now,life has ran its course.
But even today looking at the moon I can see your face,in pure bliss untamed joy.
That day when rain bathed you outside the college,I was there beneath the mango tree,smiling but coy.
you too then took shelter beneath that tree,few drops of water through your flowing hairs,reached me.
That was the closest to you,I could ever be,how happy seemed thee,felicity befalling me.
I stood throughout that rain with you,you never knew,did you?

Through the crumpled pages of those notes,you still look at me.
You smile,you talk,you sigh, you mock as it could never be.
Yesterday someone told you were now married & had kids of yours.
it made me smile, a smile of acknowledgment of time gone by,of untouched shores.
But still someday's when I am a little weak my mind drifts to you, perhaps there are certain things,things that would be never known by you....


Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

wow...i'm speechless.
but believe me, you're better off this way. at least you didn't have to face disillusionment, and that's pretty painful.

spicymist said...

hey this one was beautiful. i wish i could write poetry like that. :-|. really radical. i generally dont like poems but i genuinely liked this one

Pretty Me!! said...

so sweet !! there are so many people we wish would notice us, know about us... really nice !! keep penning :)

gurleen said...

hey nyc one dude ,,
the poem has a lively momentum which enriches it...
good one ...
much like a filmi story ..hehe but still well captured in lines

gaurav said...

that's beauty dude, i've only one word "awesome".

cutestangel said...

Beautifully written with good expression and meaning.

Kingshuk said...

thanks buddy....its beautiful....i believe that the last stanza won't be my case for sure...u did a great job.....keep writing....

honey said...

wow!this is one of the most beautiful poem i hav ever read....
i fell short of words to describe it.dere is so much of feeling nd emotion into can make ny body feel good.

Shruti Mukundan said...

awesome!! very well written.. yeah i know how it feels when u r not noticed by someone whom u notices al the time! but the poem is well expressed and nicely written. keep up the good work. kudos!!

priyanka said...

no doubt this also was a good publish of poet..awsome mam
the way u poured the feeling of a boy is really spellbounding...

Aparna said...

i didnt come across something as good as this for a long time

it was really touching
believe me i read it twice to totally relish it

i cud visualise scene by scene and ur pain

i'm angry on u...y do u hv to be so shy??

the poem is so beautiful

Adisha said...

amazing read !!! Sigh! To be loved so ...

Very picturesque descriptions of feelings ... Keep it up !!


gargi said...

awwww thats was sweet, really.
the perspective of the other person who is not noticed is just
coz its always the success stories that u come to know about!

JAYEETA said...

wonderful bro...
u know the special thing abt this one is that each n evry person who so evr wil read dis one wil b able to connect to it....