Monday, March 16, 2009

You Know...Don't You

You know Decembers,
they make me frightened even now,after all these year,
frozen,chilly winds,pass a chill down my throat,
freeze my voice,when they say,
"December,how many Decembers has it been,without her."
You know,don't you?

You know these full moon nights,
remember when we were on our roof watching the stars,
they talk to me,talk to me of times,
when days,were filled with stories & nights with talks,
they say do you still go to the roof now?
if not then with whom do you talk to,the walls or the windows,where do you hide your scars?
You know,don't you?

You know I am still afraid to walk down that road,
road we had strolled together.
fearing that I would get a hold of that tree again,
what would I answer it,when it asks,
how do you live without her?
You know,don't you?

You know rains,
I still don't look at them,
but their sound it annoys me to no ends,
I close my eyes & I can still see those droplets of water in your small palms.
those drops they came again last night through the windowpanes,
asking me, where were your palms,what was your name?
You know,don't you?

You know people,they say,do I feel alone? do I feel fragile?
they are the same,people we knew.
So,I in return tell them to look into my eyes deep
there lies your picture,I tell them
I live with your thoughts every moment I breath, every heart-beat I endure,
But yes I am alone,yes, I am fragile,yes I still miss you.
I hope you know,I hope you do....


Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Very nice, well done!

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Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Kind of reminds me of "Maa" from "Taare Zameen Par", but most likely you're referring to a different kind of love here. Still, must say that any kind of love inspires the same kind of emotions.

soc_lone said...

its very well written...and it is also compiled and sumed-up very well too...very nice and apt use of words, especially when you described the years that went through whilst you used the phrase 'december'...
albeit, the rhyming was kind of missed somewhere but I know that you are going to fill that void in near times..
way to go Raj...

gargi said...

my first thot was is it real or fiction? if its real way to go man u express urself very well n if its fiction......then u've got an excellent imagination, n u put it out with gr8 words!

megha said...

this ones it.. :)

kartika said...

Yes I'm fragile, yes im weak, yes I miss u..

brought many many memories back.. absolutely luved it:)