Monday, March 9, 2009

Vision To Love

" Hey, how are you?" She said, it made me fly.

I said something like " I am good.Yeah".

& she went past my desk,but I could still smell her perfume,it was all around me.Which perfume is this, I thought momentarily & then "Who cares" said with a sigh .

The aroma of that scent was still lingering somewhere but now it was a little distant. It had been a perfect day till now & listening to her now was the cherry on the cake. This was the moment, I was thinking about all my way through for the office, may be even before that.

Waking up today I had this happy feeling, happy feeling that we have when we are woken up by the tiny warm rays of sun, a happy feeling which we usually have those days , days when we are anticipating something, excited about that thing.The weather outside added to the charm, walking by I could feel the same warm rays at my face.

It made me smile, these smiles, smiles for nothing or may be of something, something inside you, a secret which only you know about & can only share with the flowing winds or the rays of the sun. These secretive smiles help you rejuvenate, the breeze too was helpful enough, putting pleasing thoughts into me.

"Hey, how are you?" I was asked, again breaking the chain of my thoughts & no it was not her this time,it was my colleague, a good friend.

" I am great, you know she came & asked me, how was I, today morning & you know yesterday when we were leaving from the office, she said to me, do eat at the right times, you don't take enough care of your self & man they say when a girl is inquiring about your eating habits, she is into you. What do you think?" I mouthed all at once.

Then after a pause realizing my self involvement said, " Although how are you?" ,

"Me, I am alright. The weather outside is not much gratifying. Its cloudy since the morning & the wind outside is too filled with sand & pollution, Leave that. I am happy for you, love-shav huh!! but I don't know what you find in her, I mean there are better girls you see. she I feel is very flabby & too short. It would have aided if she was a little fair too. But even that is not the case. Anyways if you happen to like her, well enough." He said

& then spoke again "I have to be at my cabin , you continue receiving your calls, telephone man."& laughed a little too loudly for my pleasure.

He went & left me engrossed in myself. Maybe its good that I can only feel somethings like the sunrays, the breeze,her aromaMay be things are felt better than seen . May be vision is a curse,Perhaps being blind is a boon because she never felt unbeautiful to me, how can she, she has the most beautiful voice, perhaps when they look at her & her not so good face puts them off so much that they never give enough heed to her voice. Perhaps not being able to see makes me better as a man, perhaps I am not blind enough.


megha said...

wow..this blog post was excellent!! the real beauty lies in the last part whr one cud actully see sumthng beautiful in a average looking gal.. :)..and lyk all other an optimistic story shows how lighted the heart of the blind person is than all those who can se.. loved it..gr8 work..keep writing!! :)

Adisha said...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder !!! More than anything the concept of someone being in love with someone whose not appreicated by others, was beautifully potrayed !! You even had me hating the guy who spoke so horridly about the gal !!! :D

Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep blogging !! :D

Do visit my other blogs as well.


Pretty Me!! said...

the last para said it all !! i read your stories first in the orkut community "short stories and poems" .. glad to find your blog!! will be visiting again...

gargi said...

it'nt this story almost like the one written by ruskin bond where the guy is blind too
neways this is good too, but made me remember that one!
how did u know bout my blog?

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Nice post.
But this is totally different from the Ruskin Bond story Gargi is talking about. In that story, the narrator was blind, and he was in a train; he didn't love the girl- it was just a chance encounter- he heard her voice and thought she must be beautiful, and at the end of the story he's told the girl was blind too.
P.S. I read the about me you wrote, and I have a question: do all elder brothers love pulling the legs of their little sisters? 'Cause my brother annoys me like hell too and I too respond with "Dada I'll kill you!" :P

Rash said...

"Beautiful" .. You're a real man! :-)

soc_lone said...

"she I feel is very flabby & too short".......
what are not going to let me live peacefully, isn't it???
well, jokes is indeed very beautifully written and really the comparison between the views of the seasonal breezes from the two friends is an awesome 'vision' in true sense...
the last paragraph is no-doubt the best part of the blog...
keep it up brother...