Monday, February 2, 2009


I Wake up In the Morning,Peep out of my window,there lies the sun in the distant horizon.I don't Know for how Long it has appeared Everyday,to lighten Up our lives.How Many things It has Witnessed.Perhaps The Only witness to every human ever born.Every Smile ever Passed,every tear that ever fell.Then Suddenly I remember that,I have a College to Attend,Things To Learn,To do something,To achieve that thing,something which'll make me feel fulfilled.Like Everybody Out in this world trying to do Something.
Then again those warm Rays Of Sun Pull me back to its thoughts,Sun...!! This Sun.It is Still glowing,it will continue To do so,even after Me.I would not be here to see it every time I am'll then not Brighten up for me.
Someday Death Would engulf me.Then what is the sense in trying to be successful?What is success anyways?
Centuries Ago a Man Found fire,We still use it.But is he here to see us Use that everyday,to smile at his Achievement.He may Have been Burned at That Instant due to his Invention,Still how many of us Think of Him.Everyday We Drive by but do we ever think of that man Who created The Wheels.May be the Greatest invention of All time.centuries Pass,men come & go,with no Trace of themselves.
I Go Out Of the home thinking,is it of any Worth.Thinking Why I Am Doing All of this?
Then I Look by the road A father Teaching his 1 year old,how to walk,he smiles At him,the kid does the same.
I Again Look back at that Sun,Now with a smile.
I know Why??

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