Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"I Hate It" I exclaimed...Hate the advent of Indian summer,I hated everything since I woke up today & now there is no electricity,the moment I decide to go online there is no electricity,am I lucky or what & its so hot at home,I can bake a cake if I just conjure up the ingredients.GOD, Why Me?..why didn't I pop out,somewhere in Europe where it is a lot cooler & Pleasant & yeah they have enough electricity 24*7.So,I pick up the novel am reading write now,hoping it would grab my complete attention..George Orwell's "Animal farm"..I read

"All animals Are equal Some are just more equal than the Others."

So true,in any context,look at me,would I be so sad,have such a dreadful day if I was living in a developed country.Some people can just enjoy everything & some like me can just hope,dream.What was GOD thinking,when he let Europe become so plush,cooler,beautiful..better.
I am dragged back from my thoughts,as my mom hollered.."Look someone's at the door.."
Now "Who is it?" I yell..no sound..I went to the door,a women with A kid,beggars damn at this time,anyways have to attend her now..she said.."Beta,give me something to eat,I am hungry since the morning.."I complied,gave her a 5Rs note.She wears this smile on her face now,asks if I can provide her a glass of water,I did.
She drank half of it,gave the rest to her child,he gulped it as if it was some ambrosial stuff.Now she started showering blessings at me,"Beta,may you have all the wealth in the world,may you hav-...." I stop her in between,I know her blessings wouldn't much help besides,these blessing things gave me goosebumps.So I had to interrupt,"Pretty Hot Today,Na"..I verbalize,she shrugs & says,"Its better this way,we can atleast sleep at night."...& leaves with a happy smile.
I go back to my book.thinking About her Last Lines & towards the AC,electricity still missing.The book goes..

"All animals Are equal Some are just more equal than the Others."...

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