Friday, February 20, 2009

The Circle

Greater Kashmir Times- Famous moderate separatist leader Abraham Zaidi missing.

Abraham zaidi, famous separatist leader and statesman missing from his home since Monday. A great hue and cry was witnessed in the Lal chowk area today and the tension is supposed to increase. The Police said they have started investigating but the local people accuse Police of wrong doing. His wife Sarah and son Hamza are safe

He could gaze at the starry dark night; it was he felt exceptionally luminous tonight, bright & quite, like the nature was pregnant with some secret, hiding something they knew.

Then he chuckled he wanted to laugh, laugh his heart out but he just chuckled, he did not want to disrupt the quite ambiance with his noise, that would be like disrupting a perfect symphony, symphony of the night. So he just chuckled a little & then quietly kept gazing at the panorama presented by the universe. In front of him.

How many days had passed since he last looked at a starlit night, a lot of time had elapsed, since he was so relaxed, insouciant was the word, the perfect word perhaps. This was what he craved for all through, to look into the stars, the sky, with nothing else in mind. This is may be how they say connecting to GOD is.

He remembered his abbu saying,

“The stars are created, to let us understand how big GOD is & how small we are in front of him.."

It was his Abbu who had introduced him to this glistening world of night, who had taught him to learn & understand the stillness of the night, to listen to the silence of the nights.

He was doing just that now, the wind as it was blowing hard through his body, whispering sweet nothings into his ears. He looked sideways into the vast landscape, the secrecy it held & then upwards to the sky,& remembered his Abbu.

What he was too him, what he said, what he stood for, what he wanted from the world, as a child he Was always curious about this special world of his abbu, maybe he was too young to understand him then

He was too young when they took him away from him too, one day they just came asked for him. They, those in uniforms, but he as a kid was always afraid of uniforms, his Abba went outside & never came back.

They said he Was missing, yes he was, from his childhood after that, missing from those night strolls, but he understood long back that they killed him, they killed his ammi too, but not in a way they killed his abbu.

Ammi died of that trauma itself, within a few years,
he Was an orphan Now.

Why was he thinking of all this, Things gone by, he should just enjoy the visuals set in front Of him. Stars, the planets, the galaxies.."Why so many stars, Abba?" He asked his abba then, he said,

“Because there are so many humans, so a star for each one of them, GOD treats us all equally.".

His abba always said,

what does a living being want from each other and from the state, respect & justice, just the two things,if the state is unable to provide even such basics....
He was always correct, but did he get respect Or justice,
not even a funeral.

He was glad, he acted like a perfect son, he thought. He provided his Abba what the state failed to, respect & justice & he was happy now. He was a good Son afterall, both his parents were somewhere up there proud of him he thought. Stars, somewhere there.

He looked at them now & said,

-"Abba,I am not afraid of those uniform people anymore, I even shot at two of them today.

-Violence no it was not violence Abbu, It was just, Justice, I provided you that, where all failed.

-The Gun, Oh!! I could hold it, you know, I just thought they were your fingers, When I held them as a kid.
Yes, I saw blood, but I then thought of your blood & then I was all heated up, they took me away from you, made me an orphan, you know how much I missed you, your presence in my life.

-I prepared myself for ten long years.
Yeah, there are many like me, but they are not killers Abba & even if they are who is not, all of us crave for, respect & justice, don’t we?

-They would call me a terrorist or militant or revolutionary or will coin some new term, they themselves are confused, you see.
But who is the terrorist actually, its just a cycle Abba & I completed my circle. "

Yes Abbu it hurts, You know the bullets hurt, but it was equal, they shot at me too, twice.

It did hurt then but now, now its very light, the pain, its bitter sweet, you know.

I have only loved you in my life & its my gift to you. So, what if it’s painful.
I would have stood & bowed at you, but the muscles, they have stiffened a little.

Can you look at that star Abba, its blinking so rapidly as if smiling & winking at me.hey look all the stars are doing the same, they know I was righteous, I was correct, you do too...

I am feeling a little dizzy, perhaps I'll sleep for sometime.

See you soon, Salaam"

Greater Kashmir Times- Military men shot at, Militant killed.


Rituparna said...

woah! u wrote gr8....buddy u shud b an author.....

Kingshuk said...

Hey its awesome....i loved the way u wrote this...but are u trying to justify the mentality of a terrorist in particular.....don't take it otherwise it was great....

JAYEETA said...

dunno wat is iwd dis one it touched me d most....

Shubham Sharma said...

kya kaar raha hai bhai...
each one is better than the previous one...
its about time I tell you that you really are an editor-in-making

noufal shaw said...

not bad...wats tiz cycle ...!!!they take someone frm u and u take revenge and u die....???

raj87 said...


then u die & someone else comes up to take the revenge..

kunal said...

This was good :)

Pretty Me!! said...

read and loved it already ...

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kuldeep said...

w8 culd i say...u justified w8 d terrorist r doing...gr8 thinking n w8 n emotional attachment thrughout de story....!!