Friday, February 20, 2009


I Wrote This When A Friend Of Mine Asked,What Is Beauty According To You?Is It Only Facial,Or Something Deep Inside? I Could Not Say A Thing As I was Not aware Of The Exact Definition Of It,Well Cannot Deny The Facial Part Of it,But I Am sure its Something Inside Too....

Then I Had to Board A train,While On Train I saw Many faces & wrote this Piece....

Beauty would not be In a mirror,neither
would it glister as to make you look away.
Beauty Has to be subtle,true to itself,Concieved for the viewer

Beauty is,As beauty must be.
soothing & for the eye.
Beauty,how can it be concealment? Can Never lie

Beauty,would fly to the sky,
but still be seated to ground
Beauty lies in the smile of That child,
being touched by Mother,Around.

Beauty lies in The sweat of poor,sweat
mixed with efforts of hour.
beauty sparkles innocently,
in that deep slumber,After unending quest
& infinite labor,even in the Slow lazy lumber.

Beauty still is there in the eyes,
eyes which see it with Care.
Beauty is in love Of heart
which relieves them of their smart.
Beauty I am sure Can not Be concealed.

No,beauty can never lie....


Rituparna said...
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aditi said...

hey cool one...
i was not knowing so many definitions of beauty but frankly speaking beauty is that feeling which lies in the eyes of beholder. Things which may feel beautiful to u is may not to someone else...
but i am impressed by ur thoughts..
good gr8 going and keep spunning ur thoughts!!!

Anonymous said...

hey ,thanks raj
nice to have a comment 4m a fictional genious like you was really impressed by the literary skills which ur posts reflect and honestly fiction is really a task to reflect with ur feelings on which u are really good..
do write more ..

cutestangel said...

Beautifully fully scripted.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."